Purpose Of The Powerful

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Purpose of the Powerful is a book written beyond the boundary of imagination, a manifestation of reality beyond the real life experience; it is a book for this day and age, a book that will not just make you strong but very effective and influential. It is all you need to become a person who lives with instinctive knowledge that is beyond the ordinary.

You`re powerful, dearly loved. You are powerful! You are created for a purpose bigger than you. You have been elected and called to live the good life. All things are yours! All you need to fulfill your purpose and be powerful have been given to you. You are not ordinary; Divinity is at work in you, you are full of glory and virtue.

I challenge you to live and not to exist! Read and make the most effective use of this book, and everything else will fall in place for you. You are Powerful! You are fulfilling your purpose for living. Take a ride with me in this book as we achieve purpose of the powerful.

Chinelo Benny Umunnakwe is an eminent and elegant marketing expert with Equator Capital Limited. She is a successful and powerful woman of virtue who believes in making lives beautiful in this wonderful world. She holds degree in Banking / Finance and a Postgraduate Diploma in Management. A motivational / financial speaker and friend of all. She lives at Aba. She is happily married with four Children.