Purpose Of The Powerful

Book Summary

In this exceptionally well-informed and thriving book, Chinelo Benny Umunnakwe shares: why you are created for achievement, why you must know yourself, why you must believe in yourself and your mission, why you must seek and employ your purpose.

In this day and age, it is time to grow up and not to age. It is time to discover what you really want in life, master your life and understand the evolving you. It is time to make yourself a master and improve yourself. It is time to move from where you are now to where you want to be.

Powerful people discovered their purpose and realized their unlimited potential as they impact their world. They all have common trait; they sought their purpose and employed the purpose.

Purpose of the Powerful is a book written beyond the boundary of imagination, a manifestation of reality beyond the real life experience; it is a book for this day and age, a book that will not just make you strong but very effective and influential. It is all you need to become a person who lives with instinctive knowledge that is beyond the ordinary.

Purpose of the Powerful is:
  • A word of wisdom for all who want to be masters.
  • A wealth of wisdom for all who want to be flushed with success and flush with money.
  • A haven for a maven who want to rule the world.
  • A courage for all who want to be champions.
  • A witty reference for leaders.
  • A tool for all who want to turn up their light and shine the greater light
  • A light for all who want to write their names on a glass with a diamond pen.
  • A grace for all who want to do things that is for the books.
  • A matchless motivational for all who want to be priceless
  • An uncontestable joy for the child on the street and the man in the street.
  • A soul mate for all who want to live a happy, healthy and totally fulfilled life.
I believe in you and I believe you too can realize your unlimited potentials; that is
why I have written this powerful book. In eleven exclusive chapters, I have given you
all need to know why you are created for achievement, why you must know yourself,
why you must believe in yourself and your mission, and why you must know that you
are the most important living person this century.

  1. You Are Wonderfully Created
  2. You  Are Created for a Purpose
  3. What is Your Purpose
  4. You Need to Work-Out Your Purpose
  5. Experiences and the Raw Materials
  6. You Need People Around You
  7. Who Are Those People in Your Life
  8. You Need to Market Yourself
  9. You Have to Bein Charge
  10. Move Ahead
  11. You Are a Divine Project
You're powerful, dearly loved. You are powerful! You are created for a purpose
bigger than you. You have been elected and called to live the good life. All things are
yours! All you need to fulfill your purpose and be powerful have been given to you.
You are not ordinary; Divinity is at work in you, you are full of glory and virtue.

I challenge you to live and not to exist! Read and make the most effective use of this
book, and everything else will fall in place for you. You are Powerful! You are
fulfilling your purpose for living. Take a ride with me in this book as we achieve
purpose of the powerful.